• Open access
    1. Any publication published at PCL-PRESS will be made available open access. This means:
    2. The publications are presented at the PCL-PRESS.org web site where they will be permanently accessible.
    3. A statistics about the number of downloads of each work will be displayed at the web site.
    4. Every publication at PCL-PRESS will be linked to Google-citations (https://scholar.google.com/citations) showing the h-index and the i10 index that indicate the number of citations and the number of publications with at least 10 citations.
  • Costs of publication – Royalties
    1. Any publication at PCL-PRESS will be free of charge for the publication.
    2. There will be no royalties for the authors as the publication is free of charge and the work is done by the members of the WGNDV on a voluntary and unpaid basis.
  • Downloadable digitally protected manuscripts
    1. The publications can be downloaded free of charge by registered users from the PCL-PRESS web site.
    2. All publications published at the web site of PCL-PRESS will be protected digitally in order to avoid copyright theft and commercial abuse.
  • Printed copies and copyright
    1. Printed copies of the publications will not be provided by PCL-PRESS directly but through a contract between PCL-PRESS and the self-publishing platform EPUBLI (http://www.epubli.org).
    2. The work will be displayed at the online shop of EPUBLI and can be obtained there. EPUBLI will also provide the ISBN number.
    3. There will be no free copies for the author as the publication is free of charge.
    4. The copyright of publications published at PCL-PRESS will be handed over to PCL-PRESS by the author of the work and henceforth owned by PCL-PRESS.
    5. This includes the right to display the work on the web site of PCL-PRESS and produce editions in different formats (ePubs, paperback, reprint, textbook, book club or other book formats) and in translation.
    6. If another publisher or media outlet wants to buy the rights for publishing a work, the copyright of the work will nevertheless remain with PCL-PRESS. PCL-PRESS will only give restricted permission for external publication and decide on a case vy case basis.
    7. The amount achieved for the selling the rights on the work and possible royalties will be divided between PCL-PRESS and the author on a 50:50 ratio.