The publishing process

  • Carefully read the terms of publication and get familiar with them.
  • Prepare a summary of your work
    If you agree with the terms of publication you should prepare a summary of your work you want to have published including the following information:
    a. A table of contents with page numbers or (in case of a larger article) a list of chapters (headlines)
    b. The summary of your work should include the following points:
    – What is the subject matter of your research?
    – What was the observation/hypothesis that made you do the research?
    – Which methods did you apply?
    – What are the main findings?
    – What is the conclusion of your main findings?
    The summary should not exceed 4 pages in format A4 (5000 letters with spaces). This summary can later be used for presenting your work at the web site of PCL-PRESS.
  • Submit a publication request to the Executive Editorial Committee by sending an email to with your summary as a WORD file. Within 3 weeks you will be informed by the Executive Editorial Committee whether your work will be accepted for reviewing. A positive answer means that your work has positively passed the first assessment by the members of the Executive Editorial Committee.
  • Submit your manuscript for reviewing
    After you got a positive reply, you can submit your manuscript (again by sending it to The manuscript will be reviewed within 2 months. Subsequently, we will finally inform you about the acceptance / rejection of your work.
  • Signing a publication contract
    After the positive review of your work you will be asked to sign a publication contract.
  • Carefully Revise your manuscript / Have your manuscript proof read
    After the review, you will get instructions on how to revise/correct your manuscript. This may concern aspects of content, the style of your text – and/or the quality of your academic English (or any other language your manuscript is written in). Should the linguistic quality of your text not be not good enough for publication you will have to have it proof-read. PCL-PRESS will recommend to you experts who are competent both in the language of your text and in linguistics. The costs for the proof-reading will have to be covered by you.
  • Return the revised manuscript
    After you have returned your manuscript it will again be checked by the reviewers – it might happen that you asked to do some further revision.
  • Publication of your manuscript
    After your work has been through the final evaluations, PCL—PRESS will sign a contract with and your work will be published at the shop of EPUBLI. At the same time (or even sooner) your work will be published at the web site of PCL-PRESS.
  • Marketing
    PCL-PRESS will post information about the release of your work on all relevant information platforms (linguist.list, VAR.list, corpora list etc.) and inform the members of the WGNDV as well as subscribers to the PCL-PRESS newsletter.